Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Light and Fluffy as a Kitten...Sprayed with Pam

I've heard this claim before: You don't really need to shampoo your hair. Your head chemistry will adjust if you stop stripping the natural oils from it.

OK, sure. However, in this article the author not only claims that his hair is "as light and fluffy as a kitten's coat" but he also gives the basic idea on how go about the experiment. So I decided to try it and compare my head to a hypothetical kitten.

Experimental Procedure

  • The article author hedges about what exactly he's putting on his head. "No de-greasant" means what exactly? Are you still conditioning? Since the only thing I use is regular shampoo (i.e. liquid soap), I decided to just use plain water. Every morning I dunk my head in the shower and scrub it thoroughly with fingers and fingernails, but use "no de-greasant".
  • I also vaguely remember some other claim about "redistributing oils", so I also combed.
Results after one week
My hair is definitely less greasy-seeming than I expected. I normally shampoo every other day and when I skip a soaping I definitely notice it. My hair feels clumpy and gross. Rinsing and combing seems to fix that so I don't really notice.

On the other hand, I wouldn't say my hair feels clean, either. If I run my hands through it they start feeling like I've been eating potato chips. OK, maybe not that bad, but I'm not squeaky clean. In fact, when I rinse in the morning I have to wash my hands with soap after.

When I started this post I thought he said to try it for a week, but now I see it says a "few weeks". OK, I can probably stick it out a little while longer. No one has commented on it, so I guess I'm not too awful to behold.

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  1. I thought "head chemistry" had something to do with controlled substances.