Monday, February 23, 2009


This blog is supposedly about all the different stuff I do and yet never once, in my entire N years on the internet, have I ever posted a picture of the little clay things I sometimes make.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meetings Are My Most Productive Time

The projects I'm involved in don't have many meetings. In fact, we basically have zero. But some related projects (and by "related" I mean "not at all related, but they share an uber-manager") have a ~45 minute meeting once every two weeks or so and for some reason I'm required to attend despite the fact that none of it ever affects me or needs any input from me.

Nonetheless, I love these meetings. Several times over the past several months this has happened:

  1. I'm stuck on how to design or build something in the workshop at home.
  2. I think about it for days or weeks, making no real progress.
  3. Meeting time rolls around.
  4. I bring some paper and pencils with me and start drawing even dumb ideas for solving the problem.
  5. I exit the meeting with a solution on paper.
I'm not sure which is the more valuable aspect: The enforced "away from the computer" time or the "draw even dumb ideas".