Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Just Won The Nobel Prize In Sandwiches

A BLT, only instead of mayonnaise, guacamole.

I wonder if egg salad could also benefit.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Contributing to the NERDliness of a Minor

Two minors, actually. A few months ago, I caved in to demands of my oldest two boys (10 and 8) to play D&D. They made me be the DM and they loved it. I did not really love it for several reasons:
  1. Never played before. Any halfway game is annoying the first few times as you learn The System and what is and isn't important, etc.
  2. Takes a lot of time to set up.
  3. I feel like a real dork saying things like "leathern helm" or "dwarf mage".
So I didn't do it again. But that didn't make the demands stop. Finally, I told the 10 year old that I would play with them if he was the DM. Last night, we started that game.

Which brings me to the nerdliness. Playing D&D. Around the dining room table. While eating pizza, hot dogs and nachos. At least none of us has a neckbeard or obesity problem. Although one of us runs Linux. Oh and Mom brought in a sugary snack, plus we had our first game-based injoke.

Anyway, he actually did really, really well at it. I mean, we're wandering around without a clue in a very haphazard dungeon and he's giving hints pretty often ("do you want to check behind you?")...but he has the right attitude. He's confidently telling us what's what and taking our unanticipated actions completely in stride. Kudos, proto-NERD!