Monday, July 16, 2007

Salsa & Guacamole

This is a very basic, simple recipe. It's 100x better than the canned stuff I used to eat (which I think is actually picante sauce, so I guess I'm comparing tomatoes to peppers there) but I'm sure there are homemade salsae out there that beat this to a pulp (GEDDIT??). Nevertheless, if you've never made salsa before this is an OK place to start and a good base for experimentation.

2 green peppers
2 red onions (I like the taste vs the yellow/white)
some cilantro (you have to buy a whole bunch, but you only use a few chopped tablespoons)
several jalapeƱos/habaƱeros, to taste

Chop everything up and put it in sealable plastic bins. On Taco Night, I dice a tomato and add a few scoops of this salsa mix. The above lasts probably 3 months at the rate I use it. However, the quality seriously degrades so if you have more free time (for some reason it takes me like 45 minutes to put this together) I'd recommend making smaller batches more often.

The guacamole recipe is even dead simpler (deader simple?). The only reason I even mention it is that I never knew the awesomeness that is guacamole until recently. Here's the recipe:

An avocado
1/3 of a packet of guacamole powder

The only tricky part is choosing ripe, but not too ripe, avocados. A perfect avocado is just a little firmer than a perfect peach. If you squeeze it and it gives more than 1/16" clean off your hand and find another avocado. However, it must give at least somewhat or it is underripe. I've learned the hard way that an underripe avocado is a nightmare to get out of its skin. If that's all the store has go ahead and buy them, but store them on the counter for a couple days before enfridgerizing.

(Another way to identify avocados is by color: Black is too far gone, bright green is not far gone enough. You want a very dark green.)

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