Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Light and Fluffy as a Kitten: For Real Now

That's because I gave up and washed my hair.

It was definitely true that my hair was less oily than I expected. There were many days when each hair stood alone, unclumped from the others, and I thought I was near to fluffy kittenhood. But then the next day I'd forget to rinse it or something and I'd be a greasemop.

Also, and this may have been psychosomatic, I felt like the greasiness was starting to migrate down my head. Like maybe the hair was leaving oily trails on my forehead, on the tops of my ears, etc.

Experiment terminated after two weeks.


  1. I think the main reason to shampoo is the SMELL of unwashed hair. It has that..."unwashed hair" smell, even if it's rinsed and relatively dirt-free and not very greasy-looking.

  2. Now she tells me.

    I think my hair feels a little poofier, too. Like a kitten.