Thursday, May 22, 2008


Once I abandoned the dead end of heat-formed acrylic, the ideas for cold-forming have been coming thick and fast. Here's the result of the squeezer configuration.

First, the squeezer itself:

Closeup of squeezing mechanism:


Closeup of accuracy:

Soo....yeah. That works. The squeezer is a bit overbuilt. I could go with 2x2s or even smaller next time. And one bolt every couple feet instead of every 6 inches. Other minor improvements. Those may never be made, though, since I had a real brainstorm on an extremely simple way to accomplish the same thing. More on that another time, though. I'm going to use this for my next experiment.


  1. This entire scene appears to be taking place in some kind of...HAY LOFT, which is so, so AWESOME.

    Speaking of overbuilding, my husband recently built a "simple" rail for a toddler bed that involved 10 feet of doweling (is that a WORD? I mean one dowel, 10 feet long), TWO 2x4s, and 20 screws. And a bandsaw. AND a drill.

    Total overkill.

    Also, they sell those at Target.

  2. Anything worth killing is worth overkilling.

    A hay loft would indeed be awesome. This is actually my under-construction current-porch-soon-to-be-dining-room. You see how cramped it is in there? Still acres more space than my actual workshop. Also 100% fewer litter boxes.

  3. In case anyone is wondering, I asked him, "What are you going to use it for?" and he said, "...What?"

  4. No, I said "Madam, will you tell me the use of a NEWBORN CHILD!"