Saturday, August 29, 2009

Garden Notes

One harvest of 3 so far.  This week.

Notes for next year:

  • Plant only about 4 tomato plants, not 6.

  • Same for the jalapeños.

  • MORE green peppers. Or maybe they were just shaded by the tomatoes?

  • Plant the tall things in the back. Which is to say, the tomatoes.

  • Tomato cages have very little resistance to bending from being overloaded. Stake them.

  • The Garden-Fresh Vegetable Cookbook has a trillion good ways to use all the results. (By the time I re-read this next year, I should know if they are actually yummy.)

  • I will also know if making my own crushed tomatoes worked.

  • Add snap peas, basil, cilantro and possibly watermelons.


  1. Wow, pretty good haul. I don't think our tomatoe plants are going to end up giving us anything, but we did get good green beans, though 4 plants only really only gave us one serving of beans per harvest, so I'll have to plant more next year.

    Scallions are good, and I think they grow really easily since we seem to get them from our CSA almost every week. But it is very hard to find ways to use them and we've ended up throwing out a lot.

  2. Did you have a trellis for the beans or what? I'm not sure what to grow my snap peas on.

    I have fresh salsa many days of the week. I had to eliminate onions due to complaints. I'm hoping scallions are a reasonable compromise.

  3. They're bush beans (racist?), so no trellis.