Thursday, March 5, 2009

Artistic Voice, And Poundage, Being Suppressed

You may remember my previous, paradigm-shifting, boundary-pushing art installation. A chance remark from a coworker caused me to think of another. No pictures, sadly, and it only lasted about an hour.

The idea was: The cubbies kind of look like a vertical cross section of an apartment building. So I filled them with doll furniture to simulate different apartments. One had a bed, another a lamp and armchair, another a toilet and sink, etc. There was room for the cellphones to perch on the "floor" but I really intended the phones to live in the apartments--sleep in the beds, sit in the chairs, etc.

Sadly, some humorless nitwit removed it all because some VIPs are coming through. And we all know VIPs will instantly be turned to powder if they crack a smile. (The VIPs canceled a few minutes later, but now I shan't share. Or maybe I will.)

Unrelatedly, my birthday has come and gone and I didn't quite meet the goal of -60 lbs. However, I'm exactly 3.5 lbs short of it and closing fast, so I'm not too disappointed. What's weird is that the stupid Wii doesn't seem to notice. I deliberately wear exactly the same clothes every time I weigh in and have lost at least 2 lbs since it started tracking me, but no. Then again, it cares more about BMI which changes less rapidly than lbs (they are both linear, but I mean numerically).

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