Tuesday, September 16, 2008


  • I cracked 50 lb of weight loss today. I'm still on track (±ε) to reach my original goal by Christmas. It also happens to be, as of yesterday, 10 lbs in 100 days, or almost exactly 350 calories/day.
  • Pursuant to that, I have made a breakthrough in food reduction technology. One of my favorite meals is...undocumented on this site?! WHAT. Anyway, it involves guacamole. The problem I've had is that I need to make enough to use up an entire avocado, which now that my metamabolism needs fewer calories is a little too much. Avocado turns brown if you look at it funny, so I can't put the excess in the fridge. I also can't throw it away because of the starving children in Africa. However, it turns out to freeze just fine. So now I can make M/Nths of a recipe which not only vastly reduces the hit points but also means I only use M avocados every N days.
  • I'm trying to embed a microcontroller into a project that I'll describe more later. All I know is Arduino, so I'm going with that. (I guess I could just use the Atmega chip or however that works, but baby steps, people.) The basic Arduino is a little unwieldy for this, but last night I finished soldering and testing the Really Bare Bones Board. And besides being much smaller and breadboard-compatible, it's also much cheaper because it pushes some of the cost of the unit into a one-time-purchase cable.
  • Number One Son, age 9, is trollering me. He just found out about HTML and has made a couple of pages. (With random size changes and font colors, naturally.) He keeps calling the .html file a "program".


  1. Hello! My name is Leslie Levings and I make the Beastlies. I got a google alert about the MetaFilter page referencing my sculptures, but I can't post on it without paying a fee. So I clicked on your username, which led me here!

    All my guys are made of polymer clay, and the polymer does bond better than one would think. I typically blend seams (like around arms and legs), but with things like the little teeth, they really do stick in there pretty well. I've never had a beastlie lose any parts (unless I dropped it on a hardwood floor). I hope this is helpful! If you're still interested, I actually just started doing a live broadcast of my beastlie-making. It's once a week, usually on Mondays, and usually around 3:30pm (pacific time). You can even type questions live and I'll answer them as best I can! The address is: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-beastlies-show
    And then I sell my guys (including the ones I make live on the cam) at www.beastlies.etsy.com
    Anyway, sorry to leave such a long, random comment on your blog! :)

  2. Wow, thanks for the comment and information! I'll post it on MetaFilter so others see I got an answer and what it was. Like I said there, I've only worked a tiny bit with polymer so I don't have any feeling for how well it sticks after cooking. I was attempting to make barrettes for my daughter, but I think I'm making them too thin because they just break. :(

    I really love your Beatlies and I'll definitely drop in to watch some time. I'm also inspired to try my own beastlish creations...