Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boring Diet Update

I'll have something much more exciting in a few days, I think. Well, exciting to a NERD. It involves motors and integers and wires.

A month ago, I mentioned my upcoming dietversary. Today is the last day of Year One. My Official Tally of Weight Lost is 38 lbs. That's an average of 2/3-3/4 of a lb per week.

I was half-heartedly shooting for 40 during the last few weeks, knowing I wouldn't make it. But I came pretty close and in the final weeks I doubled my average rate. Also, the Official Tally is based on a moving average, so my last actual weigh-ins have been at or close to exactly 40 lbs. All in all, not at all disappointing.

My original goal was 60 lbs, with a caveat that I may want to go 10 beyond that when I get there (I'm not sure I believe the BMI chart). So I've still got 6 to 9 months ahead of me at this rate. Perhaps by Christmas? Then again, I'm actually chowing on Easter candy as I type this...


  1. HOORAY!

    I hope you've taken your wrist circumference into account with this goal weight business. Heh.


  2. Stalker.

    Also, BMI only uses height and maybe age anyway. No frame size.