Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Christmas Present Idea

Long have I pined for a mechanical watch where you could actually see the gears and springs and whatnot flying around. I've seen things like this with the "Fossil" brand attached, but they are always less than what I really wanted. I tried googling for "mechanical watch with visible gears" but that wasn't too helpful.

Today I discovered the magic word: Skeleton. A "skeleton" watch is one where it is purposely made to be see-through. "Full skeleton" means that even things that you'd kind of like to have on a watch, like numbers and hands, are as tiny and hard to use as possible so you can see the full glory of the gears.

Feast your image display software on THIS:

I gather it is possible to spend up to and including ONE MILLION DOLLARS on a watch like this, but, I further gather, Chinese imports can be had for under $100. Even well under $100. For instance.

I wouldn't have many requirements on such a gift. It should be as visible as possible and be actually mechanical, no hidden battery doing the work.


  1. I had one of those Fossil watches of which you speak; I think it just had a little window that gave the merest tease of the inner workings, though.

    It seems like this is not so much Functional Timepiece as it is...Portable Metal Kaleidoscope. Not that there's anything wrong with that. You could always wear a REAL watch on the other wrist. OR! OR! Carry a WATCH FOB! WITH POCKET CHAIN! That would be awesome.

  2. I think a person would need to find the very one that person wanted, and then email it to the person responsible for buying his (or her) Christmas presents.

    And it would be nice if the very one was not only available on eBay, which sucks.

  3. tessie: Yes, Portable Metal Kaleidoscope. Or Wrist-Mounted Kinetic Sculpture. I use my computer's tray clock to tell time anyway.

    I actually used to carry around a digital watch (sans band) attached to a shoestring like a watch fob.

    lh: This is good advice when one person is giving gift ideas to another person, but a MAJOR HASSLE when the other person is giving them to a person. Do I have to make ALL THE DECISIONS HERE?